Mecca and Medina – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mecca and Medina – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Importance of Mecca and Medina

Lately the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA was finally opened so the public could visit this incredible country. But the truth is that it had not been completely closed, since every year thousands of faithful Muslims visited this nation to have the ability to make the pilgrimage to both most important cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina. Because, although the country was closed to tourists generally, these sacred towns could be visited. But what is the need for these two metropolitan areas and why do Muslims consider them as sacred? Today we will let you know.


Regarding to Islamic tradition, Mecca is such an historic city that it had been founded by Adam himself. However, this dropped importance, gaining relevance again before Abraham. Relating to custom, Ismael, Abraham’s kid, was going to pass away in the desert together with his mother, however the archangel Gabriel caused water to flow from the ground to save them, pursuing divine purchases. After a period, Abraham suggested by Allah’s demand, to determine that as a location of pilgrimage. But as time passes people began to believe in various other gods, bringing stone images to the town, the town of Mecca also becoming a town with a large number of pagan gods.
In enough time of the prophet Muhammad, Mecca was a significant trading city, home to temples of many gods. While getting the revelations, the prophet establishes the pilgrimage to Mecca as a sacred matter and one of the pillars of Islam. The prophet would die far from this city, but this is still the holiest in Islam today. Right here you will see several of the most essential relics of the religion, aswell as the biggest mosque in the globe.


There was a period when the prophet and his followers were expelled from the town of Mecca, taking refuge in the city of Medina, where they shared with folks of other faiths for some time. In this city Muhammad built the initial mosque and the house where he resided became an extremely frequent host to prayer for believers. And even though Mecca was the most important town in Islam, Medina was the center of Islamic power, in fact it remained the capital until the Umayyad Caliphate set up its capital in Damascus.
The prophet Muhammad died in this city, getting buried in the courtyard of his house, where what is known today as the Masjid-Al-Nabawi or Mosque from the prophet is located. This is the second most significant city in Islam.

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Although non-Muslims are not allowed to enter this city for spiritual reasons, we can not deny that they are perhaps one of the most important meeting points in the world. But, if you want to check out Saudi Arabia there is absolutely no problem, because today it is simpler than you imagine to apply to get a visa on KSA visa. Because lately they founded the digital visa application program, called Evisa, making the procedure much easier. If you are planning of visiting Saudi Arabia, don’t be concerned about the paperwork, and just think about savoring this incredible nation.

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